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The teenage male is driven mad by his hormones as they rage and wreak havoc with wild libido surges, acne and other uncomfortable side effects. With maturity of the mind and body the “werewolf” like hormonal changes of teenager come to an end and we run forward with life.

For many reasons, it is unfortunate that those hormones which drove us early in life begin to fade with age. The loss of hormones diminishes our energy, our minds, our libido and in general our zest for life. They deplete quickly over the years leaving you like a zombie, the walking dead.

Recently, many good formulas for boosting testosterone or blocking estrogen have come on the market, but there hasn’t been one great formulation that does both.

Test Subject by Spud, Inc. is designed to:

* INCREASE Natural Testosterone Production
* DECREASE Natural Testosterone Conversion to Estrogen
* INCREASE Libido and Desire
* INCREASE Mood and Wellbeing

Conan the Barbarian was once asked, "What is best in life?".  With Test Subject the master, Spud, has fused together some of the best and longest lasting formulas out there. Test Subject is there to help you regain your hormone footing, so you can reclaim your teenage years and run with the beast!