E Suicide, 60 Capsules

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At Spud Inc. we make performance products that last and make a quick impact.  Our tradition is for nitty-gritty, down and dirty, in the trenches products that have earned your trust.  When you use our products, we want you to have that “earned it” feeling of accomplishment as well.

The ingredients in E-Suicide by Spud, Inc. are not new to the supplement game, but the way we have combined them is. 

The goal of E-Suicide is to:
* DESTROY estrogen
* Promote a LEANER, DRIER and HARDER body
* Enhance any type of cycle
* Drive up your DESIRE and FORTITUDE
* And hopefully increase your life and wellbeing.

This product is geared toward minimizing the negative effects of estrogen. It can be used by both men and women. E-Suicide can be used in conjunction with most any cycle: On cycle, OFF cycle, Natural cycle, and TRT. Always check with your physician before for starting any supplement. 

If you are a drug tested athlete, consult with your organization.

Spud Inc. E-Suicide's only job is to help you complete your perfect picture of success.