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You may already know that Arginine is a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO). What you may not know is NO is a byproduct of arginine being broken down by an enzyme called Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS).

In the past, NO supplements were designed to flood your body with mass amounts of Arginine. However, until now, there were not enough co-factors in your system (such as NOS) to meet this enormous supply of Arginine, thereby hindering the ultimate Nitric Oxide experience. Because NOS is made by the body naturally, there is only a finite supply of NOS. Consequently, no matter how much Arginine you have flooded your system with, your NO will only be as good as the amount of NOS you have to break it down. HemodrauliX contains the breakthrough ingredient to support the key enzyme, NOS.* The result: Ridiculous Pumps!* Excited yet? “How in the heck to did you do this?”, you might ask.

The answer is the addition Polyphenols. You may have seen polyphenols in other products because they have so many benefits.* But you have never seen them used this way before. The polyphenols in HemodrualiX upregulate the NOS enzyme to break down the 6.5 grams of nitric oxide perpetuators in each serving to give you a pump like you’ve never experienced before.*

HemodrauliX is so powerful that we only suggest taking it once a day and no more than four-to-five times a week, to help preserve your NOS levels, so you have skin bursting pumps every time you take it.*